Lucky 13th

Sometimes good karma does come around. Not very often. And not when you want or need it. But around it does come.

Coldplay - Viva La VidaThree years ago the family decided to treat ourselves for a tough year and shell out the (relatively) big bucks to go to Coldplay at the Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View on July 13, 2009. We camped out on the lawn trying not to slide down the hill and get too badly sunburned. Before the concert started young volunteers with clipboards perused the audience asking them to sign up for Oxfam’s emails and get involved in fighting world hunger. The show was fabulous; no matter what you think of the band or their music, they put on a show and worked hard to make sure everyone was entertained. Impressively hard. They knew times were rough, and they didn’t take their audience for granted one bit.

Earlier this spring one of those emails from Oxfam landed in my inbox, and the organization was looking for volunteers for an upcoming concert … you guessed it, Coldplay. Always game to help where there’s a chance for free music as a reward, I tossed my name into the virtual hat, expecting the response to be so overwhelming that any chance I had would be similar to winning the Super Lotto.

Coldplay - Mylo XylotoLow and behold, on April 13 – Friday – I got an email notifying that I was indeed selected to be part of the volunteer team at this Friday’s Coldplay concert in San Jose.

Sweet. A chance to do good while hearing good music live. If you’re going, sign up for news from Oxfam. Besides sometimes offering a great volunteer gig, this organization does real good around the world for those most in need. Please check them out, sign up for their emails, and help them do good.