Promises Made and Promises Kept

New-To-Me: The Boxer Rebellion, Promises

The Boxer Rebellion, "Promises"I’m new to The Boxer Rebellion, having heard “Diamonds,” the first song on the release Promises, on internet radio. I immediately streamed the whole album, and subsequently bought it. Though it doesn’t break any new ground sonically or compositionally, it is an expert encapsulation of the big, ringing, echoing, anthemic, pop sound. Influences that come to mind are U2, Coldplay, and The Temper Trap (first album). The guitar sound is heavily treated to create rich, interesting, dramatic aural canvases for singer Nathan Nicholson’s full, expressionistic range. It is the kind of summer album that needs to be heard loud (or live in an arena). The songs are concise, catchy, and quick to please. Highly recommended for delivering its guilty pleasures in a warm, big sound that makes one’s spirit soar.

The Boxer Rebellion, “Diamonds” from Promises (on Spotify):


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