Why another blog about music and other ramblings? Why, even, another blog? Well, the need to communicate is built into every human being. Some of us like to take that need further, and publish our speechifying for the world to see (or likely, the one or two that actually stumble across yet another blog).

I have been absorbed by music since a little boy. When very young, my mother played classical music on the stereo often, and I would sit in a big lounger, record cover in hand (now you know how old I am), listening to the symphony. My parents also dragged me to the symphony, especially Sunday afternoons when the city symphony did a special concert just for kids. Like so many of us, I tried playing piano/clarinet/guitar/drums/kalimba … and ended up pretty much only mastering air guitar as a teen. Well, air keyboards.

But my love of music didn’t fade with my lack of talent, and so I undertook the daunting process of trying to go to as many concerts as I possibly could, approaching 100 one teen year long ago. The act of watching someone play live music, whether in an intimate setting such as a small bar or someone’s home or on a massive stage banked by walls of loudspeakers filling an arena, remains a visceral thrill for me. I’m a restless listener, too, sampling new music and musicians just for the sake of aural exploration; I listen to everything since, as George Mallory purportedly stated, “Because it’s there.”

So here I am, nose pressed against that sound barrier, swooning to the arranged or intended sounds of our humanity that we call music, yes wishing I was on the other side, but nonetheless appreciative of the richness it brings my life daily – if not hourly. And as that frustrated person that presumes to have at least minimal creativity, I turn to the word to arrange my intents on expression.

I know myself and, like all persons, know that I ramble off onto other topics. The Shakespearean tragedy that we call American politics often captures my attention. The sitcom that is our American culture also makes me want to climb up on a soapbox and espouse loudly. Expect to have the much-more-interesting topic of music be interrupted time to time with both aforementioned ones.

I don’t profess any professionalism – on music, politics, or other. While I do think I’m a tad more informed because I also read voraciously, there is no presumption of expertise, scholarship, or erudition in these writings. No, I’m just another schmuck off the street thinking he has something interesting to say. Whether it is or not is your call.

To the one or two of you that do come by and read a discourse or sermon or two, thank you for your attention, and hope that you enjoyed the conversation.