To Our Elected Representatives

The internet and new technologies have fundamentally altered the very nature of intellectual property and content distribution. It is imperative that our representatives in government balance this transition from old technologies and distribution to new tech and digital distribution without crippling creativity, reversing guaranteed rights of personal and educational use of IP, and thwarting new businesses and business models rising to the challenges of new tech and digital distribution.

Simple solutions like those from the proposed and rejected CISPA, SOPA, and PIPA favor old tech and outdated business models, and gut Constitutional protections of copyright and personal use. Old big media conglomerates continue to lobby hard to hammer new laws and regulations to protect their old business models, without realizing that technology continues to evolve, and ultimately negates protective regulatory efforts.

To our elected representatives: please reject the Commerce Department’s Internet Policy Task Force proposal on banning streaming copyrighted content, and instead form a true task force of ALL stakeholders (new tech, consumers, old big media, new content distribution companies, etc.) on this issue to create a true framework to encourage, protect, and enhance new media, creativity, and profitable distribution into the future.